Terms and Conditions

  • Take an Instagram photo or video of your unique Christmas basket including smoked cheese
  • Upload it with the Hashtag #smokedcheeseforchristmas
  • Follow the official account @rupp_smokedcheese
  • Make the mention @rupp_smokedcheese in your post
  • Invite at least one of your friends to participate in the challenge. Mention this friend in your post.
  • Send the Url link of your post to rupp@reachbird.io

The competition starts on November 17th, 2016 at 0:00 am and closes on Januar 2th, 2016, 0:00 am.

For participating in the competition a photo or video showing a creative christmas gift box including smoked cheese must be uploaded to a public Instagram account, which is owned by the participant.

Besides the photo or video, the posting needs to contain the correct use the following hashtags #smokedcheeseforchristmas #UKlovessmokedcheese and the post must mention the account @rupp_smokedcheese that are provided in the description of the competition.

The participant must have the complete rights of the photo or video that is used for participating in the competition.

The participant hereby declares that Rupp is allowed to use, share, and repost the pictures that are uploaded to Instagram in the context of the competition in all digital and print media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Website). The participant declares that with the participation, he or she assigns the rights of the pictures to Rupp at no costs and with no restrictions regarding time, content, or areas in which the pictures can be used by Rupp. The participant, therefore, assigns all rights of use to Rupp.

Only individuals with a publicly accessible Instagram account are eligible to participate in this contest, all others are disqualified from participation.

By uploading the picture on Instagram and using the defined hashtag (#) and mention (@), the participant accepts these terms and conditions.

Rupp reserves the right to amend the entry conditions or withdraw the competition without any reason or notification. Rupp uses this right if there is no guarantee of proper implementation, due to technical problems (computer virus, manipulation, or bugs in hard- and/or software) or of other interest from a legal perspective.

An eligible participant should have attained minimum age of 18 year or above at the time of participation. Furthermore, the participant should hold his/her permanent residence in the United Kingdom. Participants that are under the age of 18 can participate, with parent or legal guardian permission. Employees of Rupp or associated companies or persons involved with the conception and implementation of the competition are excluded from participating.These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Austria.

Prize and communication

The winner will be notified by comment on their photo on Instagram, as well as communicated via Instagram message service. (e.g., private messages).

The winner will be announced by Rupp until January 20th, 2017. The defined jury will rate all sumbissions with 1-3 points. The participant with the highest score is the winner.


Le fromage fin à tartiner au camembert de Rupp

Fromage fondu finement crémeux au goût épicé typique de camembert

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