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Should cheese be kept under a cheese dome or in the fridge?
Cheese which is meant to continue to mature is best kept under a cheese dome. This applies especially to soft cheeses which mature from the outside inwards, such as Camembert.
Rupp‘s natural cheese, however, should be kept in the fridge. It has already achieved the perfect degree of maturity. But you should take the cheese out in good time before eating so that its full aroma can develop. Allow a good half an hour.
And Rupp’s creamy processed cheese triangles like it cool. The ideal is 4°C in the fridge.

What’s this business about “fat in dry mass”?
The good news: fat in dry mass doesn’t give the absolute fat content of cheese, but the fat content in the dry mass. In other words, in the dry part of the cheese. What you need to know is that cheese consists of water and dry mass – in differing ratios, depending on the type.
Hard and semi-hard cheeses have less water than soft or cream cheese, but more dry mass. 45% FiDM with a semi-hard cheese is in absolute terms 28% fat. 60% FiDM with a double cream cheese, on the other hand, is “only” 26.4% fat in absolute terms.
It’s best to look at the absolute fat content. Rupp makes it easy for you and writes the absolute fat content on each triangle in the pack.

Why do people say that cheese is the ideal way to round off a meal?
Cheese contains valuable milk protein. The cheese ripening process is a sort of predigestion of the protein and makes it easier for the body to absorb. Lactic acid also has a positive influence on the intestinal flora and can even neutralise excess gastric acid. That’s why people say cheese is the ideal way to round off a meal.

What does “silage-free milk” mean?
Only two percent of European milk production is silage-free. The Bregenzerwald is one of the last areas where the cows are still fed without using fermenting silo fodder. In the summer they eat only flowers, grass and herbs. In the winter hay.

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